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Premium Quality
Premium quality electric scooter, powered by two 60V lithium batteries and driven by a 3,000W Bosch motor providing high acceleration and superior performance. Electric motors are highly efficient at lower speeds, providing excellent acceleration and are therefore ideal for the stop/start of city travel.


Long Range of 70 miles (120km) 
Two portable lithium-ion batteries (chargeable in a standard plug socket in the home or office) each provide a range of 35 miles allowing one to be recharged whist you drive with the other (or use both for a 70 mile range). High quality battery construction means our batteries are expected to provide at least 800 charging cycles, sufficient for c. 60,000 miles total range.



No Tax or Congestion Charge
Zero emissions, resulting in the Revolve moped being UK road tax and London congestion charge free. Also compliant with London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) requirements. Most older (pre-2007 mopeds) now have to pay £12.50/day to enter the ULEZ. Electric mopeds do not need to pay.

Simple License
Speed limited to 28mph (45km/hour) so only CBT required or a car licence for holders of a pre-2001 driving licence. If you have category ‘AM’ shown on the back of your driving licence you don’t need anything more! If you don’t have this you will need to take a CBT test which can be undertaken in one day at centres across the country at a typical cost of £100.

Full Year's Warranty
We offer a full year's warranty on all our mopeds.

Affordable Price
An efficient supply chain  and a direct to end-customer sales make the Revolve one of the best value electric mopeds on the market.

Easy Charging in 6 Hours
With two removable light weight (12kg) batteries you can recharge from a plug socket in your home or garage.

Low Maintenance
Maintenance free engine and batteries. Electric mopeds need very little maintenance due to them having dry electric engines (not requiring lubrication) with minimal moving parts. This compares to a petrol moped which requires regular lubrication and maintenance of many moving parts.

Cheap to Run
About 1/10th the cost of a comparable petrol moped. The average cost of running our electric mopeds based on today’s electricity prices is around 0.5p per mile. The average fuel cost for a 125CC petrol moped is around 5p per mile by comparison.